Aggravated Assault

Aggravated Assault Lawyer in San Antonio, TX

aggravated assault attorney in San Antonio, TX

Aggravated Assault

What is Aggravated Assault? 

Aggravated assault is a felony and includes the act or fear of causing harm or injury to another individual. A defendant can be charged with aggravated assault even if physical harm does not occur. A mere threat to severely injure someone with evidence to prove that a threat has been made is enough to charge someone of the crime. 

Degrees of Aggravated Assault 

There are 2 degrees that can be used to charge someone with this account, which include:
1st Degree Aggravated Assault: The intentional act in which the defendant had made plans to cause harm to a victim prior to doing so or threatening to do so. 

2nd Degree Aggravated Assault: The act of threatening or causing deliberate harm to someone without planning to do so prior to the incident. 

If you have been charged with aggravated assault, Mr. Flores can help you through the process of having the charges against you lowered or dropped. Our team is dedicated to helping you through these ramifications and will do all that we can to prove your innocence. 

You can entrust our services to provide you with the best defense team in the San Antonio area. Call our office today to learn more or schedule a consultation. 

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