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" I knew from the beginning that Mr. Flores was the only one that could handle my son's case.  Three other lawyers could not get anything done before him.  I had my son fire his lawyer and he hired Mr. Flores.  I even flew him out to West Texas to fight the accusations.  He did what he said he was going to do and he got my son's case dismissed.  This case was very important because my son was innocent.  I always recommend him to those who ask"
-S.V., San Antonio

"My husband and I are very pleased to say that our attorney Albert Flores impressed us with utmost professionalism, knowledge, and commitment, always showed professionalism and compassion with our delicate situation, always kept us informed and up-to-date in every detail from beginning to end, I never met a lawyer who works so hard, cares so much, and on call 24/7. Mr. Flores you have been a great attorney, I cannot thank you enough for handling my husbands case with so much care and concern and for making us feel that this was as important to you as it was to my husband, my children and I."
- Brenda, San Antonio

"I was in really bad situation that could have affected my future in this country. I knew it would take a special attorney to handle my case. Mr. Flores helped me out of a situation that seemed impossible to me at the time. I was so happy that I have recommended him to many of my family and friends."
- S. Garza, San Antonio

"… From our first meeting your attention to detail and your willingness to work as hard as you did lead me to trust the feeling that I had made a great choice in procuring your services. While I hope to never have to use your legal services again, I do want you to know, that if I ever needed help again with a similar situation or came into contact with someone that needed help in your field of expertise, that I would not hesitate to suggest them to you. Thank you again!"
- R.O, San Antonio

"I contacted Mr. Flores over the phone from a very long distance to explain my husband's difficult charge. He understood my problem and I believed that he could help my husband. He promised me that he would work hard for my husband. It took a while to finish the case but in the end he got it dismissed."
- L.M., New Mexico

"Estamos muy contentos y muy agradecidos. Que dios le de vida para que siga ayudando a la gente como nos ayudo a nosotros."

- V.G., San Antonio

"Me gusta porque siempre cumplio con nosotros. Siempre se presento con nosotros a las cortes. Fue muy honesto con nosotros. Con gusto lo recomendaria como abogado."

- R.G., San Antonio

Drug Crimes & Money Laundering Lawyer in San Antonio, TX

Attorney Albert A. Flores has had great success defending clients against a wide range of charges. Keep reading to see some of the results of his recent cases. In order to protect the confidentiality and reputation of Mr. Flores’s clients, no names or identifying details are included.

Drug Crimes

• Poss. Controlled Substance - Dismissed • Federal Drug Conspiracy - Never Indicted
• Possession Controlled Substance - Dismissed

Property Crimes

• Theft - Dismissed • Destruction of Secured Property - Dismissed

Sexual Crimes

• Sexual Assault Child - Not Guilty • Sexual Assault Accusation - Early intervention with investigator resulted in no indictment filed • Indecency with a Child - Dismissed at Trial • Failure to Register Sex Offender - Dismissed
• Sexual Assault - Dismissed • Solicitation of a Prostitute - Dismissed

Federal Crimes

• Federal Money Laundering/Structuring - Never Indicted • Federal Transporting Illegals - Not Guilty
• Federal International Kidnapping - Reduced

Weapons Crimes

• Possession of an Explosive Device -Not Guilty • Discharge Firearm/Unlawful Carrying - Dismissed
• Federal Weapons Charges - Probation
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