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Drug Conspiracies

A drug conspiracy crime is classified as an agreement amongst two or more people with the intention of carrying out a drug crime. Since the 1946 Pinkerton v. U.S. case ruled that conspirators are to be held accountable for all actions executed by co-conspirators throughout the conspiracy duration, anyone who was in any way involved can be charged. This can include people who were not fully aware of the extent of the conspiracy. 

An example of this could be if you were to give someone a ride somewhere with knowledge that they had drugs for delivery, but the driver was not going to benefit or participate in the transaction. If you were to then get pulled over on your way and the drugs they had on them were discovered, you too could be charged with conspiring even though you were not a full participant.
In order for the government to prove a conspiracy, they must have evidence for both of the following conditions: 

1. Proof that an agreement existed between two or more individuals that breached federal drug laws. (It could be an implied agreement and is not difficult for them to prove.)

2. Proof that supposed conspirator members had knowledge of the activity and were a part of it.

It is important to remember that Conspiracy laws were developed to help the federal government avoid the difficult job of proving a drug case against someone when they do not have hard physical evidence.

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