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Drug Cases

If you’ve been arrested for the illegal possession or selling of drugs, you need the defense of a seasoned attorney. Attorney Flores is the go-to criminal defense attorney in the San Antonio area for those who have been charged with a drug crime. 

The severity of each offense is dependent on the schedule drug classification. Controlled substances that have the most consequential repercussions are classified as schedule 1 drugs, whereas those not as serious are categorized as schedule 5.
Some of the common drugs from each schedule include: 
Some of the common drugs from each schedule include: 
Schedule 1 Drugs: 
• Marijuana • LSD • Ecstasy • Cocaine • Heroin 

Schedule 2 Drugs:
• Oxycodone • Fentanyl • Morphine • Codeine • Opium

Schedule 3 Drugs:
• Hydrocodone • Ketamine • Benzphetamine

Schedule 4 Drugs: 
• Diazepam • Alprazolam • Lorazepam 

Schedule 5 Drugs: 
• Dextromethorphan • Atropine 
Whether you’ve been charged for a crime related to a schedule 1, schedule 5 or any drug in between, you need legal representation from an experienced drug crimes lawyer. Call The Law Office of Albert Flores today to set up a time for your consultation.
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