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Albert Flores has filed and argued many motions that have ultimately led to dismissals, reductions or overall better outcomes for his clients. He has successfully argued the following:

• State and Federal Appeals • 
Motions for New Trial • Shock Probation • Writs of Habeas Corpus • Federal 2255 Motions
• Motions to Suppress

He handles all felonies and misdemeanors in state and federal court. Some of his areas of special expertise in federal court include the following:


Drug Conspiracies: Federal law views drug crimes as serious matters, with harsh fines and long mandatory minimum sentences. Mr. Flores regularly assists clients who are facing these kinds of crimes. By challenging the government’s evidence and taking full advantage of your Constitutional rights, he can help you to put up the best possible defense.
Federal Fraud: There are a number of fraud charges that the federal government will prosecute, including wire fraud, mail fraud, credit card fraud, Medicare fraud, and more. If you have been accused of one or more of these crimes, the Law Office of Albert Flores can help. Mr. Flores thoroughly understands federal court procedures and the technical details of these charges. He can review evidence, question witnesses, and enable you to put up a strong defense.
Illegal Aliens: The federal government is stepping up its enforcement of immigration laws. If you have been accused of being in this country illegally, or if your immigration status has become an issue in another criminal case, Mr. Flores can assist you. He thoroughly understands immigration law and will do everything in his power to help you defend your rights and your ability to remain in this country. He also assists people who have been charged with transporting illegal aliens.
Child Pornography: Being convicted of possessing or creating child pornography can have devastating consequences, ranging from long prison sentences to lifelong status as a sex offender. Your best option is to put up a vigorous defense. Mr. Flores knows all the federal statutes regarding the creation and distribution of child pornography. He will work closely with you to beat or reduce these charges.
Computer Crimes: Using a computer or the Internet in the commission of a crime can lead to more heavy penalties being attached to the penalties the crime already carries. Prosecutors can also have an unnecessarily expansive view of what, precisely, counts as a “computer crime.” If you have been accused of a computer crime, let Mr. Flores assist. He can work to undermine the prosecution’s case, giving you the best chance to preserve your freedom and reputation.
Money Laundering: Money laundering is the crime of concealing the origins of money that was illegally obtained. The federal government tends to prosecute such offenses harshly, sometimes because they cannot find enough evidence to prove the original crime. (Al Capone was famously convicted only for tax evasion.) Mr. Flores can help you to fight any money laundering charges that you may be facing.
If you are being investigated by a federal agency or have been charged in federal court, there is no time to delay. Contact the attorney who has the experience, knowledge, and dedication to properly handle your matter. The Law Office of Albert Flores is here to help you protect your rights, dignity, and privacy, no matter what the charges against you may be. Call today to learn more and start planning your defense!

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