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Illegal Aliens

An illegal alien is considered anyone who has inhabited or entered the United States without legal authorization. If the government has evidence to prove a person is an illegal alien, deportation could become a factor that could turn into a reality when legal rights are unknown.  
When immigration status has become a component in a criminal case and you are at risk for being deported, seeking legal help from an experienced attorney that is specialized in this area is essential. Although you may not be a naturalized citizen, there are still laws that protect your rights while you are in this country.
An initial arrest is usually made by local or state police. Then, if they have reason to believe you are illegally residing in this country, they will contact the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). A certain protocol must be followed when arresting an illegal alien for a crime. The suspect can only be held in custody on behalf of the ICE for an additional 48 hours after an arrest is made. If the ICE does not retrieve an immigrant from the law enforcement within that time, by law they must be released. 

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