Money Laundering

Money Laundering Lawyer in San Antonio, TX

money laundering lawyer in San Antonio, TX

Money Laundering

Money laundering is the illegal act of transferring money that has been obtained through criminal action. Those who launder money do it to cover up their tracks to make it appear as if the money has been acquired through legal measures.

Laundering does not simply include the act of hiding stolen money. It does, however necessitate integrating illegally acquired money in an attempt to prevent suspicion of where that money has come from. 

Common forms of money laundering include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Depositing a large sum of money into a bank account by spacing out deposits into smaller increments and depositing at different times
  • Frequently moving money around from bank account to bank account
  • Splitting up cash into smaller amounts in the form of cashier’s checks 

Federal laundering crimes can become highly complex, therefore choosing someone who has an advanced understanding of your offense and has years of experience defending these sorts of cases will be in your best interest. Albert Flores is the leading money laundering defense attorney in San Antonio. 

If you are being investigated by a federal agency or have been charged in federal court, there is no time to delay. Contact the attorney who has the experience, knowledge, and dedication to properly handle your matter. The Law Office of Albert Flores is here to help you protect your rights, dignity, and privacy, no matter what the charges against you may be. Call today to learn more and start planning your defense!

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